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I walk with you in challenging times.

I walk at your side, in your pace and with what is alive in you right now, so that you can heal what holds you back to live out fully. So that you can unfold your wings.

I am a specialist in moving out of stuckness, out of trauma and chronic disease. I've been there. The impossible became possibe: I moved out of it. As you can.

I can go with you to the darkest places because I've been there. The darkness is where the treasure lies. Darkness needs time and consistency, to finally let the light sift through. Forcing will not work, but gentle consistency will.


To support your personal next evolutionary steps I hold process spaces and initiations from the abundant context of Feelings Practitioners and Possibility Management.


My core specialties are Gremlin and shadow processes, such as dissolving contracts,  processes around dying and being born, and guiding through breakdowns and Bardo states.

From the Feelings Practitioner cosmos the processes around exiting The Wall (Inflammation) and the Mirror Cabinet (Autoimmune conditions) are close to my heart, as well as uncovering your personal shadow cycle of Emotions.

My own practice shows me how important integration is after initiatory processes. That's what you get from me:  trauma informed spaceholding, and embodied practices to integrate your evolutionary leaps into your everyday life.

Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.
Moshe Feldenkrais

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