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navigating inner spaces

has been with me since I can remember. Creating outer spaces is my profession as an architect. Journeying the transitions between the innner and outer realms devolped into my speciall skillset. I am a Bardo danceress, moving elegantly through the different agregate states of mind, physical body, emotions and energies.


Several streams of wisdom transmissions run through me. My spiritual practice is rooted in the Vajrayana Karma Kamtsang lineage. The art of awareness in movement was brought to me by Kerstin Baldischwieler. With her I train since 2012, graduating as a hands-on Neuroscanbalance Trainer on all levels. Since several years I am deeply involved with the transformational work of Possibility Mangement, and in 2022 became empowered to practice in the healer's village of the Feelings Practitioners.


First of all I source from the experience of exploring my own inner worlds, my light and my shadow, my survival patterns, my Box construction, the memes, constructs, emotions, traumas, communication patterns, pastlife decisions andandand. In the radical alive field of Possibility Management I learnt from gifted Trainers and dedicated research team mates. I am deeply grateful for this radically alive international Team.

Having been diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions caused my journey into the healings arts. In 2014 the impact of illness brought my successful blooming life to a sudden full stop. I became bedridden for months, inflammations flared up in my whole body, brainfog made simple tasks difficult, and fatigue paralysed me. Point zero, no movement at all. I needed to change a lot of things. Gradually, in tiny steps, and with the support of wonderful practitioners, therapists, doctors, healers I moved myself out of the illness zone. The "incurable" is now an old story. 

I'm living proof: there is a way out of chronic illness.

I am working with clients hands-on since 2015.  During the wild Corona years I started holding space for 1on1 Emotional Healing Processes, and Feelings Practitioner Healing sessions, first online, now also in person.



In collaboration with Julia Neumann the iconic Gremlin Transformation Trainings were born, where we dive deeply into the research of Underworld, Shadow and Adult Ego state contamination. Together with Martina Riccarda Niklis I facilitate group trainings for feelings work, aka Rage Clubs. In the Team of the Wise Women I hold space for the transformational healing weeks of Wise Women Healing Garden .


I am sending out newsletters every second month or so, and from time to time I am sending anouncements of my offers. If you want to stay in touch, please join my mailing list. I will send no SPAM, and not share your data. Promised. You can opt out any time by clicking on the link in the emails.

thank you for joining the club!

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