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I used to have symptoms in my intestines and guts, the main one was that I used to bleed.For years I was using the conventional medicine and it would slow down the symptoms, and if I would stop the medication, it kept coming back over and over.


I had ONE session with Susanne and with such a spaceholding that It felt like I got my heart and bodies held by millions of different love hands. It was Susanne's Love and Healing at my bodies and systems service. The symptoms stopped immediately. It was magic how a healer could have done that.


After that, I went to the hospital and my doctor told me: "I don't know what happened. If I did not had seen it myself before I would have called it an error. I have here the old exams and the new ones and there's no reminiscence of the 'disease'." He also told: "Congratulations to your body, it did something that worked". After approximately three years, the symptoms did not emerge in my bodies anymore.

I feel glad that I found Feelings Practitioner work, as it possibly have brought me more days to live this live on this Earth.


Luís Trindade, Lisbon, Portugal

Linda, 7 Jahre:

mein Körper fühlt sich ganz neu an, und meine Augen sind so gemütlich. Das Rechnen fällt mir leichter, seit ich zu dir gehe.

Lindas Mutter:

Linda kann jetzt höhere Konzentration aufbringen beim Rechnen. Phasenweise ist sie beflügelt, eine Leichtigkeit kommt herein, die zuvor nicht da war. Ihre wachen, inspirierten Momente kann sie jetzt auch auf schwierige Aufgaben ausdehnen. Alte und neue Muster wechseln sich ab.

Linda, Ravensburg, Germany

I think Susanne is a born Healer. What I trust the most in her is the LOVE and deep care that is flowing through her Being, her intuition, insights and sensitivity for very subtle signals and energies, plus trunk of experience (also life experience – very big advantage !), sharp sword of clarity and high skills in navigating feelings and subtle spaces.  And humor in all this! That is why when I think of going through delicate and deep Emotional Healing Process many times she is first choice for me.

Susanne is fully committed to the Being of people on her way. I highly recommend her for having her as a guide on the bumpy and adventurous journey of the discovery of your true Self!

Marcin Szot, Wroclaw, Poland

Many a traveller gets lost on the path

For not far from the glistening track

Are deep ditches: dark and black.


Whether filled with the ashes of dreams forsaken

Or moistened by the grief of loved ones, taken

Know that staying there will drag you down

Do not be, mistaken.


But lucky you

For on a fence post not far from here

Rests a tawny owl, wise and clear.


She comes to help in the hour of need

Not to save you but to help you perceive

That all

Is not

As it seems


For she can be with you at the bottom of the pit

And having a friend down there

Is a gift like no other

For it lights a candle

That is impossible, to smother


With her accepting air and steely resolve

A space is created where truth, can be told

And if you hold up

Your end of the bargain

Flow will restart

For that, you can be certain


In expressing yourself

You just might discover

That you are not lost

But exactly on the map

Right at the heart of it

In a cavern glimmering with gold

Awaiting your discoveries

Of which many stories

I do hope

Will be told.

Julyan Davey, Isle of Man, England

Susanne’s spaceholding is characterised by clarity, love and curiosity. The spaces she has held for me have been vast, gentle, focused and healing. Susanne has the gift of a healer: working at the exact spot necessary at the time, with a wide range of qualities that enable the healing process. What helps me tremendously is Susanne’s somatic knowledge, connecting my emotional with my physical experience and providing immense clarity. If you need emotional and physical healing, please go and find Susanne.

Julia Neumann, Taupo, New Zealand

Johannes Ströbele, Freiburg, Germany

Olá Susanne

share after session: no sore throat at the end of the day. the allergy disappeared the next day and I have been practicing anger/sadness thing successfully.

2 weeks after our session: the allergy crept in 2 times, soft; I've been using the practices that we talked about and I've also been keeping warm and I haven't had an allergic crisis these 2 weeks (99%). I also notice that I am using low-level anger more, with more clarity, and asking for what I want.

thank you


Marco de Abreu, Lisbon, Portugal

Du hast die großartige Fähigkeit, außerhalb von Normen und Konstrukten das wahrzunehmen, was wirklich vor sich geht.

Ingrid Schmitthüsen, Carignan, Canada

Für mich ist der Wert deiner Arbeit, dass du mit voller Hingabe mit mir als Klientin in Kontakt bist, sodass ich ehrlich teilen kann, was mich bewegt. Dabei traue ich mich Gedanken und Gefühle mit dir zu teilen, bei denen ich mich klein und wertlos fühle. Ich mache in deinen Räumen die Erfahrung, dass durch das Dasein lassen was ist Veränderung stattfindet, und mit dir kann ich an diesen Stellen das Aufgeladene in liebevolle Lernprozess verwandeln.


Melina Gallus, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Die Arbeit mit dir hat mich tatsächlich von einem Punkt von dem was und wo ich sein möchte gebracht zu dem, was und wo ich bin. In mir ist eine tiefe Dankbarkeit erwacht. Ich konnte in Worte fassen, was ich bislang zwar gewusst habe und noch nicht gefühlt. Damit hatte ich absolut nicht gerechnet. Danke für diese kostbare Arbeit!


Monika Martiny, Weingarten, Germany

Liebe Susanne, nochmal herzlichen Dank für deine klare, ordnende und haltende Unterstützung heute! Habe mich mit meiner Tochter heute viel besser gefühlt, die Schwere war kaum zu spüren und wenn hab ich ich das Bild meines Baums hergeholt- ich glaub ich bin eine Ulme, alt und weise und stark. Ganz lieben Dank für die neuen Erfahrungen!


Renate N., München, Germany

After I had hit my head, I wanted to go into my strategy of surpressing the pain and to put myself together as quickly as possible to keep on functioning.

Susanne invited me to make the sounds, connect to the feelings and let them speak. I received a lot of information about a situation when I hit my head as a child, about how my mother is invading my spaces and how much energy I use to keep the anger (volcano) inside my head. Finally the volcano erupted. With this, the pain went down and I use conscious anger for being more responsible to set healthy boundaries. With Susanne I discovered that my personal bubble of space was open in the back.


Alice Belz, Mallorca, Spain

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